Only 500 words?

I have been working on my blog for our second school assignment and realized that 500 words come quickly!  It is a bit of challenge to edit my thoughts and research and put them into a meaningful 500 words.  The goal is to be concise, yet convincing about social media’s impact on the industry I have chosen – the fashion industry.   However, after I started my assignment, my mind was flooded with other possible industries that would be great to discuss.  I guess that is one of the underlying goals of the assignment – once you start looking around, you realize that social media has made an impact everywhere around us.

The Process

It has been relatively easy to find some good articles on-line.  I mentioned in my earlier blog on this assignment that I wanted to look at the role of bloggers and the impact of QR codes and how they are changing the way that the fashion industry operates.  I  have been researching these two aspects, but I think that I will also want to look at the role of Pinterest since I believe that has made a positive impact on the industry as well.

A lot to talk about and only 500 words….

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Deciding on a Topic

For our second assignment, the purpose is to look at how social media has impacted and changed an industry.   I love fashion so this is the industry I am choosing to write about.  On an initial quick look on the web, it looks like there is quite a bit of information on this topic so I think I should have enough material.  It is an industry where trends happen very quickly and it lends itself to the interactive nature of social media.

I have decided on two areas that I will discuss in the final report.  These will include:

  •  Use of the QR codes.
  • The role of bloggers.   Well-known bloggers have become so valued by fashion giants that they are invited to sit in front rows at fashion shows, an area usually reserved for “A” list celebrities.  This  underscores the important role they are playing in the industry.

By looking at these two areas I should be able to demonstrate how social media has changed the way that the industry communicates and operates.   As my research unfolds, I am sure there will be a few more areas I will delve into.   In my opinion,   I think that social media has provided opportunities that are positive for both consumers and companies and I will be looking for specific examples to demonstrate this.

This should be interesting as I start to learn more about social media’s impact on this ever-changing industry.  Stay tuned…

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Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Social media is completely new to me.  I do not blog, tweet or Facebook  –  but I want to learn.  When I attended university, the word processing program of choice was Wordstar.   You can see this cutting-edge program pictured below:

A different world!

*Photo taken from Computer Desktop Encyclopedia @2006 The Computer Language Company.

 Which leads me to why I am taking this course…

This course is about using social media to better engage our audiences.  I hope to find out what our audiences are interested in and use this information to design programs to engage them in a meaningful way.     Social media is exciting to me for a few reasons:   it allows for instant two-way communication where we need to talk and we need to listen to be effective and  its immediacy allows us to adjust and re-adjust our approach quickly if our current plan isn’t working.

My goal by the end of this course is to feel comfortable using social media.  I would like to use it effectively at both work and home and with two boys approaching their teen years, I need to know what all of those slang letters mean…lol.

Here are three burning questions I would like to be able to answer by the end of this semester:

  1. What does an effective blog or tweet consist look like?
  2. What techniques can I use to reach my target audience?
  3. How do I know which social medium is the best one to use in different circumstances?

Here is an article I found when I looked for companies who are the best at using social media:

I would like to ask the following question to my classmates:

In your opinion, what company is the best at using social media effectively and can you tell me about it?

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First post on my blog – Eataly

One of my favourite places to visit in NYC.   Life is too short not to eat well!

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