Is Klout An Effective Measure of On-Line Influence?

In our Social Media Research and Techniques class we had a debate addressing the question “Is Klout an Effective Measure of On-Line Influence?”

In my opinion, I think that Klout is a good measure of on-line influence.  Right now, Klout is the most widely used measurement tool for social media.  I feel that every marketing/communications strategy needs a tool to measure its effectiveness.  Without a measurement tool, there is no mechanism to evaluate success or failure.   I think that some people may become overly concerned with the Klout number and to me,  it is about more than just a number.    I would not base business decisions solely on a Klout score, but I feel  it is a valuable tool that can be used in a holistic manner in combination with other evaluation methods.

I feel that Klout is a good tool for brands to use to assess their reach.   Through Klout, brands can also  identify their top influencers, people who are talking about their brand.  If these  influencers are talking about their brand, they are most likely a regular user of their product.

Like anything else, Klout is a work in progress.  As more people get involved with social media I would suspect that Klout’s impact, reach and effectiveness will grow.

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4 Responses to Is Klout An Effective Measure of On-Line Influence?

  1. autoblot says:

    In your opinion, what’s the biggest thing that tools like Klout need to improve in order to provide more relevant measurements for organizations on social media? 🙂

    • katgirlmac says:

      In my personal opinion and from what I have heard and read, I think that tools like Klout need to be more transparant about the mechanisms it is using to calculate the Klout number. The process seems mysterious which is what makes people skeptical and thus makes the process appear very random. If it were more transparant, people would have a better idea of what they could do to improve their score and social media influence. I feel that this is what a measurement tool should do.

  2. I really like this post. So are you saying that the tool its self in defected but the overall use of it is purposeful?

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