A Few Reflections…

It has been fun doing the industry impact assignment.  I learned a great deal about the blogging process along the way.  I came into this course as a novice and I am really happy with the skills that I have picked up so far – and it is only week four!

There were a lot of aspects that I could have covered in the assignment, but in the end, I chose the ones I did because I felt that I was able to find the most credible research on those.  I thought about doing a section on Pinterest  but I really liked the supporting article I found on-line on Instagram so I chose to cover that aspect and I am happy with the result.

I tried to include a video on the original assignment but I was having  some difficulties with it  and  I think it would have visually competed with the beautiful picture that I did include on the post.  The content of the video was great but the image quality wasn’t.  Maybe I will learn that skill and be able to include a video in my next assignment…

Ciao and thanks for reading.

After posting note:

After having some time to think over my industry impact post, I thought that perhaps the impact of Instagram on the fashion industry was due to its demographics.  My hunch was that it must have a younger demographic than Pinterest.  I did some looking around and found the following article which I thought was really interesting and confirms my hunch:


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