Only 500 words?

I have been working on my blog for our second school assignment and realized that 500 words come quickly!  It is a bit of challenge to edit my thoughts and research and put them into a meaningful 500 words.  The goal is to be concise, yet convincing about social media’s impact on the industry I have chosen – the fashion industry.   However, after I started my assignment, my mind was flooded with other possible industries that would be great to discuss.  I guess that is one of the underlying goals of the assignment – once you start looking around, you realize that social media has made an impact everywhere around us.

The Process

It has been relatively easy to find some good articles on-line.  I mentioned in my earlier blog on this assignment that I wanted to look at the role of bloggers and the impact of QR codes and how they are changing the way that the fashion industry operates.  I  have been researching these two aspects, but I think that I will also want to look at the role of Pinterest since I believe that has made a positive impact on the industry as well.

A lot to talk about and only 500 words….

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One Response to Only 500 words?

  1. Fashion blogs and Pinterest have both had a huge impact on the fashion industry! I’m realizing just how quickly 500 words comes also. I think it’s important to try to use the supplementary posts to get a lot of your thoughts out so you can hopefully cut back quite a bit for the final post…that’s what I’m going to try to do at least! When you find a topic you’re passionate about, you want to write even more. I think that writing a clear, concise and brief post is challenging but a great exercise where the learnings are applicable in many other aspects of business.

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