Deciding on a Topic

For our second assignment, the purpose is to look at how social media has impacted and changed an industry.   I love fashion so this is the industry I am choosing to write about.  On an initial quick look on the web, it looks like there is quite a bit of information on this topic so I think I should have enough material.  It is an industry where trends happen very quickly and it lends itself to the interactive nature of social media.

I have decided on two areas that I will discuss in the final report.  These will include:

  •  Use of the QR codes.
  • The role of bloggers.   Well-known bloggers have become so valued by fashion giants that they are invited to sit in front rows at fashion shows, an area usually reserved for “A” list celebrities.  This  underscores the important role they are playing in the industry.

By looking at these two areas I should be able to demonstrate how social media has changed the way that the industry communicates and operates.   As my research unfolds, I am sure there will be a few more areas I will delve into.   In my opinion,   I think that social media has provided opportunities that are positive for both consumers and companies and I will be looking for specific examples to demonstrate this.

This should be interesting as I start to learn more about social media’s impact on this ever-changing industry.  Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to Deciding on a Topic

  1. The fashion industry is a great idea! Sounds like you’ll have lots to work with. Fashion bloggers are definitely a huge part of that.

  2. I think the fashion industry is a great one to study! I also think you’ve chosen two very relevant aspects to cover: QR codes are rising in popularity and just one more way that brands can connect with products anytime, anywhere. I think we’ve just seen the beginning of QR codes and as more and more companies explore the possibilities we’ll see some pretty creative uses of these popping up. Did you read the article about the virtual store set up in Toronto not too long ago?
    I’m also addicted to a few great fashion blogs ( anyone?) and understand what a huge impact they now have on the industry.

    Enjoy researching this topic, it sounds exciting!

  3. jammack says:

    Look forward to learning about QR. I am interested in seeing if it really works.

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