Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Social media is completely new to me.  I do not blog, tweet or Facebook  –  but I want to learn.  When I attended university, the word processing program of choice was Wordstar.   You can see this cutting-edge program pictured below:

A different world!

*Photo taken from Computer Desktop Encyclopedia @2006 The Computer Language Company.

 Which leads me to why I am taking this course…

This course is about using social media to better engage our audiences.  I hope to find out what our audiences are interested in and use this information to design programs to engage them in a meaningful way.     Social media is exciting to me for a few reasons:   it allows for instant two-way communication where we need to talk and we need to listen to be effective and  its immediacy allows us to adjust and re-adjust our approach quickly if our current plan isn’t working.

My goal by the end of this course is to feel comfortable using social media.  I would like to use it effectively at both work and home and with two boys approaching their teen years, I need to know what all of those slang letters mean…lol.

Here are three burning questions I would like to be able to answer by the end of this semester:

  1. What does an effective blog or tweet consist look like?
  2. What techniques can I use to reach my target audience?
  3. How do I know which social medium is the best one to use in different circumstances?

Here is an article I found when I looked for companies who are the best at using social media:

I would like to ask the following question to my classmates:

In your opinion, what company is the best at using social media effectively and can you tell me about it?

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One Response to Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

  1. Hi Kat! That’s funny you mention online slang – I just read a small article in yesterday’s Spec that was talking about it, and there were some that I didn’t know. It’s amazing how fast things change and catch on!

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