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A Few Reflections…

It has been fun doing the industry impact assignment.  I learned a great deal about the blogging process along the way.  I came into this course as a novice and I am really happy with the skills that I have picked … Continue reading

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A New Day – How Fashion is Being Revolutionized by Social Media

“Social Media has never been as important as this year. Bloggers are now invited to sit in the front rows, not only focusing on early-days streetstyles.   They work closely with brands on the marketing side, but are also more and more … Continue reading

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Only 500 words?

I have been working on my blog for our second school assignment and realized that 500 words come quickly!  It is a bit of challenge to edit my thoughts and research and put them into a meaningful 500 words.  The goal is to be concise, yet convincing … Continue reading

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Deciding on a Topic

For our second assignment, the purpose is to look at how social media has impacted and changed an industry.   I love fashion so this is the industry I am choosing to write about.  On an initial quick look on the web, it … Continue reading

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Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Social media is completely new to me.  I do not blog, tweet or Facebook  –  but I want to learn.  When I attended university, the word processing program of choice was Wordstar.   You can see this cutting-edge program pictured below: … Continue reading

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First post on my blog – Eataly

One of my favourite places to visit in NYC.   Life is too short not to eat well!

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